Sanur Beach Bali, Bali's earliest beach resort, features a relaxed coastal ambiance. Located on the eastern side of the island's isthmus, it is the opposite of Kuta, both in characteristics and nuance. The former fishing village maintains most of its charm and continues to attract repeat visitors, mostly from Europe.

Among Bali’s first hotels and beachfront retreats, together with an eclectic mix of restaurants, shops and bars and an assortment of innovative and modern entertainment venues share the Sanur Beach coastline. Known for its laidback atmosphere, Sanur Beach maintains its wealth in arts and culture, making it an ideal destination to enjoy the best of both eras, classic and contemporary.

Blessed with a long reef teeming with diverse marine life, Sanur can be regarded as the second best diving spot in Bali after Tulamben in the farther reaches of East Bali. Its moderate winds and clear waters surely provide water sport enthusiasts with a playground of with quality and safety in mind.

If you just need a break from your daily routine, strolling along the grainy sands on coast in the morning whilst catching the sunrise facing to the east, is surely a good remedy. Sanur beach Bali's parts of Sindhu and Mertsaari offer moderate waves.